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DPMO Calculator

With this tool you can calculate your process or product DPMO levels. DPMO comes form Defects Per Million Opportunities and is defined in IPC-7912A standard.

d = number of defects
o = number of opportunities

DPMO is calculated separate for the four defect categories: component (C), placement (P), termination (T) and assembly (A) defects. Tool calculates also overall DPMO Index.

For calculation you need data of the assembly and soldering volumes (opportunities) in your process and number of defects you have detected in that production. This tool can use two alterantive ways to enter the opportunities:

A. When boards are alike you can enter number of boards, number of components
    in each board and number of terminations in each board
B. When you have different boards you can enter number of boards, total number
    of assembled components and total number of soldered terminations

Select first which way you want to enter the opportunities (assembled components and terminations) A or B ? The input fields are presented accordingly.


Inputs (A)

Number of manufactured boards
Components per board
Terminations per board
Number of defects
  Component (C)
  Placement (P)
  Termination (T)
  Assembly (A)
See: IPC Defect Classification

 DPMO results

DPMO Index

Notes:  IPC Defect Classification
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