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Y o u r  c o m p a n i o n  i n  p r o d u c t i o n  t e s t i n g
Excel Cpk Calculator     Check also: Simple online Cpk-calculator!

Chart demonstrates the distribution
in your own case

From here you can get an advanced Excel-tool for process capability calculations. Tool can manage up to 100 samples and shows estimated Cpk, Cp and Yield. It also presents a chart showing the samples as well as estimated distribution (assuming that distrubution is normal).
This tool is for demonstration and training purposes only. For safety reasons no macros are used.

The available versions of the tool has been updated to 1.2. You can now select from three alternatives:

  1. Tool 10. Up to 10 samples. Free. Good to try this first.
  2. Tool 50. Up to 50 samples.
    Buy from secured online store (by &
  3. Tool 100. Up to 100 samples. User can modify this version for own purposes (unprotected file). Buy from secured online store (by &
    1. Download started.

Tool 10 Tool 50 Tool 100
Number of samples 10 50 100
Price Free $2.90 $4.90
File format Excel (.xlsx) Excel (.xlsx) Excel (.xlsx)
User modifications No No Yes
Licence terms for protected
for protected
for unprotected
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the licence terms
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