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Plug and Play Production Testing

Yield and DPMO - what can they tell us

Utilizing Cpk in functional testing



Plug and Play Production Testing

Jukka Antila

Some people can remember the old times when design engineer could walk over the backyard to factory building and meet test engineer. Together they could go to production line and see in practice how production testing is going, check the metrics and collect some more data. Maybe company IT guy developed a new SQL query in couple of hours for them to make some special analysis from quality data. Possible problems were solved and improvements implemented to product, manufacturing process or test systems.

OK, that was maybe not always so sunny. That world has anyway disappeared and what we have now? Design engineer is one city, test engineer somewhere else and production line in third location. And in many cases these all are in different companies, different countries and different time zones.

How test and defect data are managed?
If EMS factory has decent systems, it collects all defect data from structural testing using closed repair loop and can utilize this data in process management. It then depends on agreements and policy between OEM and EMS if OEM guys get some summaries of the statistics.

The functional test systems on the other hand are there in the production line as stand-alone machine and not connected to any data management system. Some people in both companies may be wondering what are the test results and yield. How tester is actually running? How many false calls we have?

Typical test process and test data flow in EMS factory

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