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Analysis Tools

Cpk Calculator

With this tool you can demonstrate relation between process capability Cpk and Yield.

Cpk Excel-Calculator
Cpk Calculator OnLine

DPMO Calculator

Calculating your process DPMO levels according to IPC-7912A standard.

DPMO is calculated separate for the four defect categories: component (C), placement (P), termination (T) and assembly (A) defects. Tool calculates also overall DPMO Index.

DPMO Calculator

Test Efficiency Analysis

TEPROC tool can be used to analyze your planned test strategy. In couple of minutes you can get rough understanding of yield and number of escaping defects.

The decision of used test technologies has to be done in early phase, before design is ready. This way you have enough time for the needed investments and DFT work. When test technologies are defined, you can ensure that all the right DFT rules and guidelines are followed during circuit and lay-out design.

This tool is not replacing those more advanced tools and analysis methods which can utilize accurate quality information and detailed design documents (parts lists, circuit diagrams, lay-out, etc.).

TEPROC -tool


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